Top Microphones for ASMR

Top Microphones for ASMR  - Key to recording ASMR
Top ASMR Microphones for 2021

If you are thinking on getting into the ASMR community and need a microphone with the greatest potential in order to capture the “Je Ne Sais Quoi” of the ASMR sounds, you have come to the right place! Here at ASMR Toy, we are true audiophiles, and we care about sound quality more than anything. Through the years, we have used a lot of audio equipment, and we definitely learned a lot buying microphones. That is why we decided to write this article with the Top ASMR Microphones.

Whether you are thinking of recording ASMR for your loved ones, open a YouTube channel or go live on TikTok, you need to know what type of microphone will be of most use for you.

Through our years of experience with all sorts of microphones, we have identified the star products in the market and decide to write this article with the purpose of recommend the best ASMR mic to fit your needs.

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    Best ASMR microphones

    In a hurry? Here are the birds eye view of our list of the Top ASMR microphones:

    Image   Microphone  Best For  
    HyperX-QuadCast-S-1 HyperX QuadCast S – RGB Best ASMR microphone for professionals Artist Buy
    Blue Yeti X thumbnail Blue Yeti X Best value for your money ASMR microphone Buy
    31aRIxKdvOL._SL250_ Rode M5-MP Best binaural ASMR microphone Buy
    41lI3N3U-VL._SL250_ PoP Voice Professional  Best cheap ASMR microphone Buy
    31-Oq5uQDVL._SL250_ Shure MV-88 Best ASMR microphone for iPhone Buy
    41myfjBxWeS._SL250_ Movo VXR-10 Pro Best ASMR microphone for Android Buy

    Best ASMR microphone for professionals Artist: HyperX QuadCast S – RGB

    Every serious ASMR artist has a HyperX QuadCast S among their recording equipment. It is simply the best recording equipment you can get to make your audience fall in love with your ASMR videos. With its RBG functionality, you won’t have to worry about having a boring microphone in your videos. Thanks to its anti-vibration mount, you will forget about unwanted noise while maneuvering to generate “tingles” for your audience. Four easily selectable polar patterns as well as control to adjust the gain make the HyperX QuadCast S a very easy to modulate microphone for all your needs at the moment. The HyperX QuadCast S -RGB is a super versatile ASMR microphone.

    Connection type: 3.5 mm Jack

    Best value for your money ASMR microphone: Blue Yeti X

    A classic among ASMR artist and YouTubers. Its key advantage is its quality for the price. Human voices are specially favor with a smooth and open sound in all the patterns. We love the convenient and characteristic look of the Blue Yeti stand, which is made of really solid metal, as well as the rest of the microphone’s body.

    It has a very simple interface, and it connects directly to the computer via USB. The Blue Yeti will help you record interviews, music with instruments, voice over for your videos, etc. In addition to that, it is one of the most used microphones by content creators due to its recording quality and its good frequency response.

    All in all: this could be your first quality microphone. The Yeti’s recording quality, and it’s amazing frequency response, is better that most of the more expensive mics in the market. Most of the ASMR artist on YouTube and TikTok, that make a lot of money, still opt to use a reliable Blue Yeti microphone.

    Connection type : USB.

    Best binaural ASMR microphone: Rode M5-MP

    The Rode M5-MP is one of the shortest on the market with a length of only 10 cm and is, therefore, suitable for placement at critical points when doing ASMR. Thanks to the black ceramic coating, it is extremely discreet and scratch resistant: Do not worry if you plan to scratch it in order to get achieve those tingles.

    Sold in pairs, which means they can record stereo sound (two channels at once). They are not classified as binaural microphones, but they can be set in a binaural rig if you plan to match them to a mannequin head or some other configuration that mimics the spacing and shape of the listener ears.

    They are super sensitive microphones, great for ASMR of all kinds. It picks up wind and some noises, but the background noise is almost nonexistent.
    In order to record with these microphones, you need a phantom power source, as well as a recording device. Most recording devices provide the power source, so the easy way to use the Rode M5-MP is accompanying your purchase with something like the Zoom H4n recording device.

    Connection type: XLR

    Best cheap ASMR microphone: PoP Voice Professional 

    If you on a budget, the best option is the PoP Voice Professional microphone. It is the best mic among the mics under $20. The best way to get high quality audio, investing a little money.

    Its size makes it great to produce ASMR because it let you position it in odd places. Despite its size and price, the PoP Voice quality is surprisingly good. If you compare it with an expensive microphone, like the Blue Yet, for example, it will look even smaller. But compared with the build in microphone of your phone, the PoP Voice Professional microphone record in about 6 times better sound quality.

    Totally recommended if you are planning on getting into the ASMR scene, but you are a re little hesitant about it.

    Connection type: 3.5 mm jack

    Best ASMR microphone for iPhone: Shure MV-88

    The perfect microphone if you plan to stream through your iPhone or iPad. It uses the lightning port. Once plugged into your phone, just point the mic towards the direction you want to record. The microphone has a dedicated app that let you change the polar patter, control the gain and other useful features.

    The reviews of this microphone for iPhone are extremely positive. The sound is rich and clear, and the background noise is almost non-existent. The only negative side of this mic is that you won’t be able to charge your iPhone while using it. This is a well known problem of some apple products. You can easily work around this by charging the phone in advance before an ASMR session.

    Connection type: Lightning Port

    Best ASMR microphone for Android: Movo VXR-10 Pro

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    If you are planning to jump into the ASMR scene with your Android phone, the Movo VRT-10 Pro is the best option for you. Small, but powerful. This mic is the best among Android mics. Beside being compatible with all Android devices, it can also be connected into DSLR cameras and PC. Once plugged into your phone, camera or computer, you can direct the mic where you want to record. The sound is great: really rich and crisp with almost no background noise.

    Connection type: 3.5 mm jack

    Microphone types depending on the transducer

    The transducer is the mechanism that converts sound into electrical signals inside a microphone. It is what marks the quality of a microphone because it determines the quality of the sound when it is recorded and digitized. The most common and widespread are dynamic microphones and condenser microphones. We are going to show you why taking this in consideration in a microphone, it’s an important factor when buying an ASMR microphone.

    Dynamic microphones

    Dynamic microphones are the most popular, the ones in recording studios, used by singers at concerts, those used on radio stations and in a thousand other places. Why do we care?

    • They are the most resistant
    • Withstand high pressures and volumes
    • Its frequency response is between 40/50hz and 15/16hz
    • They are quite cheap
    • They need more gain

    The best thing they have is that when you record your voice, the recording is focused on your voice because they are not very sensitive to background sound. Very useful if you do not have a soundproof room, and you live in a house with a lot of noises.

    Condenser microphones

    Condenser microphones are very popular because they are used a lot in recording studios. They stand out because of their large diaphragm and are quite large.

    The main attributes of condenser mics are the following:

    • They need P48 phantom power 
    • They are much more sensitive to sound than dynamic ones
    • Its frequency response is high, between 20hz and 20khz
    • They are larger than the dynamic ones and have a higher signal input

    They capture even the smallest voice detail and are therefore used by experts and experienced announcers. The sound is brighter, but you need to work with the resulting recording a lot because all the sounds in the room you are in will be perceived.

    Microphone polar patterns

    The polar pattern is the characteristic that make microphones produce the ASMR effect. In few words, it is the way in which the device picks up sound signals. There are different types of microphones according to their polar pattern:

    Top Microphones for ASMR  - The Microphones Polar Patterns
    Microphone Polar Patterns


    The cardioid pattern is the most common and widespread of all that exist. It is a heart-shaped pattern that collects sound from the front and rejects from the back. They avoid feedback problems and avoid sounds that we do not want to be picked up.


    The omnidirectional pattern picks up sound in a circular and spherical fashion. The tie mics use this system.

    Super Cardioid

    Super Cardioid pattern mics are a variant of the cardioid and have a narrower pattern at the front, picking up some signal at the back. They are great for rejecting unwanted sounds. Cannon microphones, which are used to record live speech, use the Super Cardioid pattern.


    The bidirectional pattern looks like an eight and picks up the sound through that pattern, allowing two voices to be recorded with a single microphone in a spectacular way.

    What kind of ASMR microphones do I need?

    We have explained in detail what types of microphones exist and their main technical aspects. Now you need to clarify which one to choose, and for this you must know what you want it for.

    Where am I going to record?

    Does your room have a lot of noise? Is there a lot of interference coming from the street? You should then focus on dynamic mics because their low sensitivity reduces and eliminates ambient sounds.

    You live in an “isolated” environment, therefore you don’t have acoustic problems? The condenser mic is what you are looking for. You have a wider frequency spectrum, and it will pick up all the details that interest you

    Microphone for podcasts or ASMR sounds

    If you want to try your luck and take your first steps, we recommend cardioid USB microphones. They capture what you need and do not complicate your life with complicated equipment. Heavenly simple plug and play technology.

    The Mini Microphone from TikTok


    Microphones to record ASMR videos

    If you want to open a YouTube channel and make relaxing ASMR videos or go live on TikTok, you definitely will need a good microphone. If you are worried about the aesthetics and want to hide the mic in your videos, the PoP Voice Professional, Shure MV-88 or Movo VXR-10 Pro are great options. Take in considerations that condenser microphones or XLR dynamics will always show out in the frame. Want the mic in the frame and also worry about the aesthetics and quality, go for the 3Dio FS (FS-2W-001), simply the best for the job.