Best headphones for ASMR and Sleeping

Best headphones for ASMR and Sleeping
Headphones are Key for a good ASMR experience

Do you need good headphones to listen and enjoy ASMR at full power? Quality headphones are a must. However, are you sure what you need?
Anyone who loves ASMR knows that most of the ASMR out there needs quality headphones. It is important to take into account how we are going to listen to the ASMR sounds to enjoy it to the fullest. Here in ASMR Toy we consider ourselves audiophiles, and we gave ourselves to the task of making a list with the best headphones for ASMR and sleeping.

If you are going to create ASMR you should also think about quality headphones. People who want to start making videos often wonder about the best microphone for ASMR, but what about listening to what you are recording, both in real time and during the editing process? ASMR headphones are a must for this amazing hobby!

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    Do you need good headphones for ASMR?

    If you want to enjoy all that ASMR has to offer, you definitely need headphones. A good pair of headphones will probably improve the tingles and tickling exponentially! With the noise-canceling headphones, you can disconnect from the world. That’s the best possible ASMR scenario!
    Good headphones will ensure that you experience all that ASMR has to offer, at least when it comes to audible stimuli. If you don’t use headphones, you won’t be able to experience binaural sounds like you’re supposed to.

    What should you look for when you buy ASMR headphones

    There are five essential things to keep in mind when trying to buy the perfect ASMR headphones. You have to consider: the sound quality, the comfort, whether wireless or wired, the durability and how much it will cost you.

    • Sound Quality: ASMR is mostly about audible stimuli, and the quality of the audio is what will determine whether you feel the tingles. Your ASMR headphones must have, above all, great sound quality. How are you going to hear whispering, tapping, and other great triggers without it?
    • Comfort: this, along with sound quality, is the most important thing you will have to think about when it comes to your ASMR headphones. If you bought uncomfortable headphones, they are useless. There is no way to feel the tingles if you are uncomfortable. Comfort is key!
    • Wireless: most people prefer wired headphones, but if you plan on falling asleep with them, wireless is the way to go. Ever since the AirPods came out, everyone wants their own wireless earbuds, so you better find out if you want cables in your life or not. Remember that wireless headphones may be more comfortable, but they can run out of batteries.
    • Durability: good headphones that don’t last long aren’t good at all. You need to make sure that your future purchase of ASMR headphones is an investment and long-term as well.
    • Price: how much the headphones are going to cost is not only important information, but also crucial. It all comes down to your wallet and how much you are willing to spend. Also remember that most of the time, Price is equals to quality.

    The best headphones for listening to Asmr on the market

    Best cheap ASMR headset

    Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones 

    Suitable for home and study, they accurately reproduce audio in a frequency range. Optimized impedance and power management to work with devices. Adjustable headband and foldable construction for comfort and portability. Detachable coiled cable, locks securely in the ear cup.

    The Good

    They’re incredibly durable, have great sound quality, and aren’t that expensive. They are good for ASMR and other activities, like music or watching your favorite TV series. You can take them anywhere. If you are looking for everyday use headphones at a good price, this is your best option here. They’re also supplied with replacement ear pads, 1/4 “gold-plated threaded adapter.

    The Bad

    There’s no wireless version, and cables can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for something that enhances your ASMR for sleep, this might not be it.

    Sony MDRXB550AP

    Although these headphones are inexpensive, they are an excellent option if you are looking for a Sony that you can use for hours. And this because they are quite comfortable, with a headband and a padded band. Also, the controls are in the plates themselves, and their pads are the most comfortable.

    The Good

    They are available in a variety of colors to choose from.
    They have a very interesting price. Its battery offers up to 18 hours of autonomy. Its closed design allows it to isolate itself quite well from noise.

    The Bad

    Some users miss the presence of more mid-frequencies.

    Sony Extra Bass MDRXB50AP

    Despite being quite small, the truth is that its design draws attention for its elegance. They are also very light headphones, which is why you can use them for a long time without feeling any discomfort. Perfect for a long ASMR session. It has a pretty good sound considering its price, and they incorporate a microphone in the cable, so you can use it as a hands-free, or with ASMR Toy.

    The Good

    They include silicone plugs in different sizes, for a good fit to the ear. Only weigh 8 grams. They include Extra Bass technology. Includes a cloth bag for transportation. They are quite cheap.

    The Bad

    They are not wireless.

    Best high-end ASMR headphones

    Bose QuietComfort 35 (Serie II)

    Do you hear what I say? If you were using these headphones, you definitely wouldn’t. That’s the best thing about them – they’re noise-canceling headphones, and let me tell you, they’ll cancel out any sound or noise coming from outside. Not only that, but the sounds that come from these headphones are top-notch. They are great for ASMR, gaming, music, watching movies, and anything else you can think of!

    The Good

    Three world-class noise cancellation levels for a better listening experience in any environment. Balanced audio performance at any volume. Hassle-free Bluetooth syncing. Bose AR enabled – an innovative and audio-only version of augmented reality.

    The Bad

    There are two deciding factors to consider with these headphones. The first and most noticeable is its price. They are expensive, perhaps too expensive for some people looking for headphones. On the other hand, there are rare cases where the battery drains prematurely and needs to be replaced. The warranty will cover it, but the process itself is a hassle

    Razer Nari Ultimate

    Featuring a wide range of haptic frequencies rather than a single static mode of vibration, the Nari Ultimate exhibits one of the most realistic thunder sensations. But it’s more than just haptics. In fact, the sound quality on the Nari Ultimate is a considerable improvement on Razer’s past phonic efforts. The wireless connection is rock solid, and the overall comfort of the headphones is excellent.

    Showcasing the company’s new HyperSense technology, this headset, which feels like you’re using a pair of subwoofers on your head, is the best experience for you. Sure, there’s a pricey entry point, but it’s really worth it.

    The Good

    Haptic feedback works to your advantage and balanced sound quality.

    The Bad

    Limited wireless compatibility and no support for noise cancellation.

    Bose SoundSport Free

    With Bose we have possibly the best brand of headphones on the market. The new way to go to the gym arose from the creation of Bose SoundSport Free, the choice of athletes, ideal for running.
    A battery that lasts up to an average of 5 hours and a prestigious tracking system with which you can locate them quickly in any emergency, this is innovation.

    Its cover integrates a portable charger, in addition, thanks to its IPX4 technology it provides great resistance to water and sweat.
    Additionally, the technology that reduces external noises has been implemented to obtain a better quality of stereo sound, where for a large number of users they are the wireless headphones with the best sound.

    The Good

    Tracking system. Charging case. Excellent battery autonomy. Resistant materials.

    The Bad


    Audifonos Samsung Buds

    • Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation: Escape and tune into your own Zen Zone.
    • High-quality sound: Listen every texture in your ASMR with an 11 mm woofer and 6.5 mm tweeter built into.
    • Water-resistant workouts: water won’t ruin your workout; your Galaxy Buds Pro IPX7 waterproof technology got you covered.
    • Crystal Clear Calls: No matter where you are, you won’t miss a thing regarding audio quality in your calls.
    • Long Battery Life – Get the juice you need to get stuck for hours; Wireless charging case included.
    • Touch music control: control your playlist without having to reach in your pocket; skip songs, start music and more.

    Buds hearing aids are in-ear models that conform to your ear to provide greater comfort and block your ear canal. This setting allows you to isolate yourself from outside noise so that you can concentrate much better on the activity you do.
    In addition to their adaptability, the hearing aids feature Ambient Aware functionality. When you activate it, you can be aware of outside sounds. Its battery can last up to 11 hours and by charging them for 3 minutes, you can use them for 1 hour.
    Lastly, its high-quality microphones are worth mentioning. This allows you to have calls with clear audios. Its quality allows your voice to be heard even when there is a lot of background noise. These models have one internal and two external microphones.

    The Good

    They are compatible with Android and iOS devices, since they work with Bluetooth technology. They have a portable charger case that can double the battery of your hearing aids.

    The Bad

    To use them and enjoy all the features, you need to download the Galaxy Wearable app (on Android) or Galaxy Buds + (on iOS.)

    SleepPhones Classic by AcousticSheep

    These sleeping headphones have a comfortable headband that keeps the speakers in place. In fact, you can fold the headband and use it as an eye mask (we recommend it). The sound quality is surprisingly good, especially when playing binaural beats.

    They have two fabric options: Breeze fabric and FLEECE. The fabric of the headband is super comfortable, and it feels like someone is holding your head all the time (which empowers many types of narrated and whispered ASMR).

    The most important thing in headphones for sleeping is that, when you sleep on your side, you don’t even feel like you’re wearing them. Overall, this is a solid option if you’re looking for the best ASMR and sleeping headphones.

    The Good

    Great audio quality for headphones designed for sleep (you can also use them as bandana outside of bed). A nice variety of colors as well as sizes. As they are wire headphones, you won’t have to worry about pairing it with your phone.

    The Bad

    If you move a lot while sleeping, you might end up unplugged.

    SleepPhones Bluetooth by AcousticSheep

    Maybe I am a bit biased here. I bought my first Bluetooth headphones about three years ago. I didn’t buy them due to the wireless capability, I didn’t care at the time. But oh my gosh, all the little perks have skewed my opinion. You can simply get out of bed and go to the kitchen or bathroom without disconnecting the phone from the charger. The cable doesn’t get stuck anywhere, and you don’t end up accidentally disconnecting it from your device when moving. The wireless advantages might not sound like the greatest thing in the world, but when you get used to wireless headphones, you’ll do anything to get rid of the wires in your life.

    From the moment I got them, I have used them more and more. First it was just to sleep, now is when I’m home and most of the time when traveling. These Bluetooth headband headphones are like the previous ones but wireless. I’ll let you decide if Bluetooth is worth it. (hint: it definitely is)

    The Good

    All the good from the wire version but without the worry of damaging the vital connection. The Bluetooth is surprisingly reliable.

    The Bad

    A little pricey, compared to the wired version.

    Lavince Sleep Bluetooth Headphones 

    In competition with the SleepPhones by AcousticSheep, these don’t have as nice a fabric or as good sound quality. But they do the basic work very well and are much cheaper. If you don’t want to invest a lot, these are the ones for you. We tested a lot of cheap headband headphones. These were the best of the affordable. They come with a cool travel bag, which is a great bonus.

    The Good

    This is the best of his kind on Amazon, if you are on a budget. Definitely does the trick when needing a pair of headphones that doesn’t get in the way while listening to ASMR in bed.

    The Bad

    The fabric is ok, but not fantastic as in the SleepPhones Bluetooth by AcousticSheep.

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    More about these ASMR Headphone

    Before buying some good headphones to listen to some good ASMR, relaxing music or any other type of audio, do you know that there are several types? Each one covers different needs, and we want to show them to you.

    Wireless Headphones: they work without cable and connect with different technologies such as Bluetooth or other radio frequency.

    Headband Headphones: the classics that go over the head. Within this variety there are two types, and it is important in terms of comfort, circumaural headphones (which surround the ear and are huge) and supraural headphones (which are placed over the ear and are a little smaller).

    Gaming Headphones: these are headphones with aviator-type microphones. They stand out for their comfort, for their mute, volume controls and everything you need to do gaming.

    Sports Headphones: the best for sports because they stand out for their support, comfort and resistance. You will find them via Bluetooth, with cable, with IPX4 or IPX6 protection and controls for iPhone and Android.