Imagine Dragons in 8D

Imagine Dragons in 8D

Top 5 Best Imagine Dragons Songs in 8D

We are fascinated by the music of Imagine Dragons, and that is why we have prepared a compilation of the best Imagine Dragons songs in 8D. So run for your headphones, make yourself a coffee and enjoy.

Imagine Dragons – Believer (8D AUDIO)

Imagine Dragons – Natural (8D AUDIO)

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (8D AUDIO)

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Imagine Dragons – Thunder (8D Audio)

Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes (8D AUDIO)

So far our selection of Imagine Dragons in 8D

It’s hard not to fall in love with this incredible Imagine Dragons in 8D format. The band is definitely not “One Hit Wonder” which has left us all these years with a great variety of titles that you can enjoy either in 8D or 9D.

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A little about the Band

Imagine Dragons name is an anagram formed by letters of different words. They have gone to great lengths to keep those original words a secret from the band and none of the members are willing to reveal their deciphered origin. “We haven’t even talk about it to our family members” Dan Reynolds said. “I don’t know if they would forgive us if we revealed it right now. We would have to have a big meeting with all the guys to see if they want to do it.” “Up to this point, it’s developed so much that anything we say is going to be a disappointment,” added Wayne Sermon. “We could leave it to everyone’s imagination. They probably have better guesses than the actual answer.”

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