How to use ASMR to sleep like a baby

ASMR to sleep: even for a nap.

Whether you’ve used ASMR for sleep in the past or are curious about its potential, we assure you that it’s worth exploring how it works and what could be causing all the positive effects reported by many ASMR enthusiast.

Read on, as we’ll help you determine if ASMR is what you need to help you fall asleep tonight. Also, discover a totally new way to feel ASMR that you will completely fall in love with.

Can ASMR Help You Sleep?

There are still few studies on the benefits of ASMR to achieve sleep or combat sleep disorders. But, anecdotal evidence and studies that do exist show that ASMR helps a lot of people fight insomnia and fall asleep.

ASMR to sleep is a recurring theme among people who use ASMR videos or audios. In fact, it is the second most common reason why people use ASMR, for relaxation being the most common reason. About 80% of the people surveyed use ASMR as a tool at bedtime.

According to studies, ASMR appears to activate certain brain regions associated with calming hormones that induce sleep, like dopamine and oxytocin.

How to use ASMR for sleep

ASMR is a very personal experience. A video or audio that triggers a response in one person might not do so in another. Because of this, there are different ways to use ASMR to fall asleep.

Since not everyone can feel ASMR, the first thing to determine is whether you can feel it or not. ASMR videos are very popular online, with a wide variety of triggers. At the end of this article, we prepare a selection with the best ASMR videos for sleep with the most popular triggers.

A calm and relaxed environment is preferred by most when enjoying ASMR. The use of headphones is another important factor, as they provide a greater depth of sound. Normal headphones can become uncomfortable during sleep, so people who listen to ASMR to sleep decide to invest in a pair of headphones for sleep that are comfortable on their head in any position.

It should be noted that ASMR alone may not be as effective if not combined with good sleep hygiene. Many people use their cell phone to access ASMR videos and audios, without taking into account that the blue light from the screen can have negative effects on sleep.

What triggers ASMR?

Each person feels ASMR in response to different triggers, but researchers in one study identified four main categories:

  • Whisper
  • Slow movements
  • Personal attention
  • Crisp sounds
ASMR to sleep: Role Play and Whispers.
The Most Popular Triggers: Role Play and Whispers

Whispers are the sounds that trigger ASMR most easily, while just over half of the participants managed to feel it with the slow touch of objects. Personal attention and crystal clear sounds fall between these two categories, achieving very positive responses from most of the participants.

Although the investigations are still ongoing, the videos and audios designed to provoke ASMR share common themes. One-on-one attention in role-playing games, like having a medical check-up or getting a massage, is a highly sought-after trigger. The most successful videos are those that include personalized attention accompanied by whispers.

ASMR sleep tool

Although most of the ASMR that you can find on YouTube is ideal for reconciling sleep and relaxing, creating sleeping habits and ensuring good sleep hygiene, in our experience, it is more effective accompanied by sleep tools.

We use ASMR Toy to achieve a state of deep relaxation that eventually leave us asleep without fail.

ASMR Toy started as a personal project which I did in order to overcome my insomnia, distracting the maniacal monkey that is my mind with ASMR sounds orbiting around my head. The feedback that family and friends gave for solving their insomnia problems, encouraged me to make ASMR Toy an app available to everyone.

The Orbit Toy is the ideal experience for those who like something with the least possible interaction. But both the Plane Toy and the Mic Toy take you to that hypnotic state of relaxation that will end up leaving you fast asleep.

ASMR Toy: a great ASMR to sleep tool.


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ASMR on YouTube

ASMR videos never fail to relax, even the curious. We prepare for you the best and most effective videos for relaxation and sleep among the most popular trigger categories. If you are about to sleep and do not want to complicate yourself searching YouTube for the right ASMR video, you have landed in the perfect place.

ASMR whispers for insomnia

Slow movements ASMR to sleep

ASMR personal attention

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