The best of Khalid in 8D Audio

The best of Khalid in 8D Audio At least three out of five songs on my playlist to get ready to party with my friends have songs by Khalid. The song bit from him is just mesmerizing. The day I discovered Khalid’s adaptations into literal 8D music, my head exploded. Get ready to have a … Read more

Enrique Iglesias in 8D Music

Music by Enrique Iglesias in 8D Audio If you are a fan of Enrique Iglesias’ music, but you feel that you have already heard it all, you have come to the right place. I assure you that you have never experienced Enrique’s music in such a way. With this collection of the best songs by … Read more

Queen in 8D

Top 5 Queen songs in 8D Few bands embodied the creativity and fearless attitude of ’70s rock like Queen. Embracing the exaggerated pomp of progressive rock and heavy metal and the uniqueness of music hall vaudeville in equal measure, the British quartet colored their intricate arrangements with camp and emphasis, creating an enormous sound of … Read more

Imagine Dragons in 8D

Top 5 Best Imagine Dragons Songs in 8D We are fascinated by the music of Imagine Dragons, and that is why we have prepared a compilation of the best Imagine Dragons songs in 8D. So run for your headphones, make yourself a coffee and enjoy. Imagine Dragons – Believer (8D AUDIO) Imagine Dragons – Natural … Read more