Best Kinetic Sand Kits on Amazon

some kinetic sand on amazon
Kinetic Sand: a sensory toy that everyone loves.

Kinetic sand is a very peculiar toy. This magical sand feels cold and wet, however it is not. It does not dry out and can be sculpted and shaped in a thousand ways. Plus, you can play with it without making a mess.

The kinetic sand offers hours of entertainment. The sensation of this magical sand slipping through your fingers is a unique sensory experience, coupled with its incredible ability to mold itself, makes it a really enjoyable hobby, to which, I assure you, you will return with a smile every time.

With kinetic sand, you will be able to play both indoors and outdoors without any inconvenience. Just put a bag, towel or sheet on a table and pour your magic sand bucket. Add some cubes, spoons, and molds and let’s play!

Kinetic Sand Buying Guide

How much kinetic sand will you need

When purchasing your kinetic sand, consider the games it will be used for. You may be using it to make large castles or to fill small molds. Fortunately, you can find it in many presentations. From packages of a few grams, to buckets of one, two or three pounds.

If this is the first time you buy kinetic sand, we recommend that you buy a large quantity, that way your imagination won’t be limited by the amount of sand you have available. In our list with the best kinetic sand on Amazon, the kit below would be the best option if you go for a big quantity of this amazing magic sand.

The price

The kinetic sand kits on Amazon are very accessible, you find them so cheap with prices from 9 dollars to more complete kits at 24 dollars. You can also get a good amount of kinetic sand in bulk at a price of around $30. As you can see, the magic sand is a toy for kids and adults, as accessible as slime.

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The best kinetic sand kit for sand castles

Kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom – Play Set with 3lbs

Kinetic Sand on Amazon - kinetic Sand Beach Sand Kingdom

A kinetic sand kit that will definitely bring nostalgia for the sea. With its two tools and five different molds, fun with the magic sand is more than guaranteed. It includes a convenient case for storage, which makes this kit very easy to maintain and clean. Note: The kit only contains 3 pounds of sand. You may be wanting a little more and end up buying extra sand. (Don’t worry! We got you cover)

The good:

  • With this kit, you can forget whether the kinetic sand is toxic or not, since it gives us sand in natural color, without dyes.
  • It includes a total of eight molds / tools that combined guarantee an infinity of creations with sand.
  • In our experience, compared to the sand in other kits, this turned out to be the easiest to clean.

The not so good:

  • Perhaps not a lot of sand for most (3 pounds) Some competition kits include up to six pounds.
  • Sometimes the sand is sticky. It’s not a kinetic sand thing, but if your hands are sweaty, some sand may stick to them.

The Kinetic Sand with the best color


Kinetic Sand on Amazon - National Geographic Kinetic Sand Kit

Looking for a colorful sand kit? National Geopraphic Play Sand Combo Pack is our pick as the best colored sand game; we love the generous amount of sand in three colors, plus the included toys. Here is an overview:

The colors of the kinetic sand in the National Geographic kit are incredibly vibrant. The kit includes toys and a generous amount of sand in three colors.

The good:

  • Lots of fun: six pounds of sand, six molds / toys. The sand is divided into two pounds per color (purple, natural, and blue). We tested this kit, and we loved creating with it’s colors and the toys.
  • Very nice pyramidal structures and molds.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic

The not so good:

  • In humid environments, sand can get to stain your hands, especially if your hands are sweaty or wet. We recommend you test the sand in a humid environment and verify if it is the same case. There is also the possibility that this is only an isolated case, since we only tested with one kit.
  • This is obvious, but it’s good to keep in mind: once you mix the colors, you won’t be able to easily separate them.
  • Does not include storage container. Fortunately, any jar with a lid can help you store your sand.

Best Budget Kinetic Sand Kit

Beach Day Fun Playset with Castle Molds

Kinetic Sand on Amazon  - Beach Day Fun PLayset

If you are not sure whether to try kinetic sand and want some without making a big investment, this kinetic sand kit on Amazon is the best for you.

With this kit you will have the same pros and cons as with the Sandcastle kit, which we mentioned earlier. The only thing to keep in mind are two differences: it includes 5 molds, 4 tools and a pound of sand. It’s not a lot of sand, however, along with the included tools, it will let you dream of your future creations with more sand.

Best Kinetic Sand bulk on Amazon

CoolSand Refill Pack – 5 lbs with Sandbox

Kinetic Sand on Amazon  - CoolSand Refill Pack

It has happened to us: once you fall in love with spending time with your kinetic sand, you will want more. The sand refills for the rest of the kits can be expensive, especially those from National Geographic. The people of CoolSand offer us kinetic sand buckets at a very affordable price and of very good quality.

The good:

  • Includes a bucket for storage
  • They include an inflatable litter tray (excellent added value for kinetic sand in bulk)
  • Very good value for the price
  • 8 colors to choose from, even really unusual colors like white and pink.

The not so good:

  • As you would expect from a bulk sand, it does not include molds or tools. With this kit you are guaranteed the sand, as extra, an inflatable to place it. If what you want is not to spend on a kit and this amount of sand, at the end of this article we leave you a very good kit with tools and molds.
  • It can be somewhat dry. We noticed in reviews that some people were complaining that it was somewhat dry. The manufacturer says that no water should be added; We recommend you use a sprayer with water to moisten the environment  around the sand

Best Tool and Model Hit for Kinetic Arena

If you decided to buy the sand in bulk, and you want a good kit of tools, games and molds, this is the best kit you can find for your kinetic sand from Amazon:

Kilpkonn Sand Molds Tools, 65pcs Mini Sandbox Toys

Kinetic Sand on Amazon  - Kilpkonn Sand Molds Tools, 65pcs Mini Sandbox Toys

Kinetic Sand on kit or bulk

Although it is easy to handle this magic sand with any utensil, as well as to shape it with any concave object, the kinetic sand kits on Amazon turn out to be very novel and convenient.

Kinetic sand kits typically include a wide variety of colors. With a kit, a unique sensory experience is guaranteed with all the colors and texture of the magic sand and the useful and fun accessories and toys.

The molds included in the kits make creating with kinetic sand a much easier task. Not to mention the fun tools like shovels, scrapers, and grinders.

Know more about Kinetic Sand

How does this magic sand work? As it turns out, it is made of normal sand, which is covered with a silicon oil, the same oil that Silly Putty contains. This is what provides that silky, smooth, buttery feel that kids and adults alike love.

Silicone particles stick together, but they don’t stick to things that come in contact with them. This allows the sand to be molded into shapes peculiar to sand, such as balls, towers or any mold you can find. It will hold its shape and gently crumble over time.

Definitely, the most convenient part of this magic sand is that it does not adhere to other surfaces, as we told you above. This means that while it may feel sticky on its own, it won’t be sticky to other materials. Without a doubt, super easy to clean.

Kinetic sand is very easy to maintain. If water does get spilled on it, just spread it out in a flat layer in a dry place. The water will evaporate, and our magic sand will be like new. Mysteriously, if you feel like your kinetic sand is too dry, you can add a few drops of water to it and mix it up. Just make sure you don’t add too much water.

Is Kinetic Sand toxic?

Kinetic Sand is non-toxic and allergen free. However, sometimes ingredients in toys coloring can be a problem. Maybe not to the touch, but what if your little one decide to eat some of the huge sand cake he/she just created. Fortunately, all the kinetic sand in our list of the best Kinetic Sand on Amazon is completely not toxic and safe for everyone to play with.