8D Electronic Music
The best of 8D Electronic Music

If you are a fan of electronic music, you have just hit a gold mine. Electronic music in 8D literally gives a 360-degree turn on the genre. It goes far beyond a simple arrangement and delivers a unique experience. As a good lover of electronic music, we recommend you to run for your best headphones, your favorite drink and take a seat that we are about to take off. We have prepared a list for you with the best of the best in 8D electronic music, so you don’t even bother looking for these gems around the web.

The best electronic 8D music

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David Guetta – Titanium (ft. Sia) | 8D Audio

ANIMALS – Martin Garrix (8D AUDIO)

8D Elektronomia – Sky High ( 8D AUDIO )

EDM 8D – Best Electronic Music 2018 (8D AUDIO)

Avicii – The Nights (8D AUDIO)

Clean Bandit – Rockabye (8D AUDIO) ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie

Hands down my favorite 8D music genre for real. Perhaps this type of music can be enjoyed uniquely in one of those silent parties (Silent Disco). We will have to wait for those long-awaited concerts in virtual reality of which they talk so much, in order to have an 8D concert accompanied by friends. But, without a doubt, enjoying 8D music alone is great too.

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