8D Arabic Music

8D Arabic Music
The best 8D Arabic music

If you are a fan of 8D music, you may remember that song that made 8D popular a long time ago. The song has the name of Dilbar Dilbar Do you know it? If not, get ready for a good ASMR-style brain tingles. You may not be able to feel the magic, though, like few people; matter that falls on the quality of your headphones, in our humble opinion.

Dilbar Dilbar (8D Audio)

This is one of many 8D Arabic songs that managed to rank among the best 8D songs of its time. And it hasn’t lost it’s magic at all.

If you pay close attention, you can see how the music travels around your head in eight dimensions, in addition to the incredible musical arrangements when reaching a certain “distance”.

We love Dilbar so much that we took on the task of making a compilation of the best 8D songs from the Arab world. Go for a falafel, your favorite soda and put on some good headphones that you are about to travel to another dimension.

Best Arabic 8D Music

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Pham – Movements ft. Yung Fusion (8D AUDIO)

Ya lili arabic song (8D Audio)

Hamza Namira – Dari Ya Alby (8D Audio) 

Arabic Music | Aamir Kangda (8D AUDIO)

How’s it going? Quite a trip, right? 8D Arabic music has that “Je ne sais quoi” that is difficult to put into words. They definitely make good use of the genre.

These were the most popular songs on YouTube and Spotify, but we are unaware of some other lost gem on the web. Feel free to leave us a comment if you know of any other 8D Arabic song that is not in our list.

You may not have been entirely satisfied with the 8D songs, you may be looking for a much more interactive experience. We recommend you download our ASMR Toy game. In its Pro mode, you can upload your own audio clips and enjoy an 8D ASMR experience from another world, with your own style.

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